Design is very important

Making the product as attractive as possible

Sample tests often have a medical look which scares off many participants. The trick is to design the presentation of the test in such a way that this does not happen. Design is therefore very important..

In order to make a sample test as attractive as possible, it is important that it looks attractive and is presented clearly.The identification for which the test is to be used, and by which agency it is being made available, are of course also important.
That we are uniquely able to combine these two aspects is shown by our specially developed self-test kits for the bowel cancer population study, both in the Netherlands and France. Another good example is the successful chlamydia screening clinical trial (a cooperation between a number of Mental Health Services, SOA Aids Nederland and the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection) We provide more than 8 million participants with self-tests each year.


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