Reliability in collection and design

Developing packaging which meets its purpose

The reliability of the results of your medical study have a one-to-one relationship with the care with which the study material is collected.

Moreover, the transport of medical biological samples is governed by strict regulations. In the case of self testing, it is preferable if the collected material is obtained by the laboratory as quickly as possible by post.
It is extremely important that no mistakes can be made during collection and sending. Our patented packaging solutions, which we produce ourselves, are always tested and approved, and therefore comply with the regulations. Together with you, we look at how we can offer a self-test to the participant. If professionals are involved, the transport of these samples is realised by us in a secure manner, and in accordance with the regulations, of course.

The risk of error during collection is limited by using the right resources and by including clear instructions for use in the package. A self-test must be inviting and practical for the user, and geared towards the target group. Taking into account any limitations, age and social or ethnic background. Wherever possible, the information is supplemented with technical resources, such as apps, videos and/or websites. Account is taken in this respect of the ability to track the sample by linking the identity of the participant with the sample in the simplest way possible. This virtually rules out the risk of switches.

Processing in the laboratory

Whether the sample is sent by post or transported by professionals, the conditioning of the sample is always focused on the subsequent processing in a laboratory. Due to the regulations pertaining to transport of these samples, they are often difficult to process in the laboratory. It often takes a great deal of time to prepare samples for subsequent processing, or it involves hazardous situations because sharp objects are needed to open packaging. The point of departure with our packaging is always that they are easy and quick to open, without having to make use of sharp objects. If necessary, we develop safe devices to enable bulk opening of packaging.


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