Sending the kits

Depending on your requirement

Each day, we work together with various postal companies to send the kits put together by us. This can take place directly to the participant on behalf of our clients, but also to the client, which then distributes them himself.

Depending on the wishes and requirements, kits can be packaged in various ways. For example, individual kits in an innovative envelope, but also bundled in sequence, packaged in outer boxes or by pallet shipment.

We are connected to existing systems of postal companies, and can arrange all postage aspects for you. From the application and sorting through to tracking and tracing packages. Details on sent packages and other historic data can also be stored in our systems. We provide feedback on the data in real time or in reports.

Modification of the shipment

Modification of the shipments by the end user is possible with a number of postal companies. This could include choosing a different delivery moment, or delivery to a service point. We can integrate these systems into the total solution, in order to offer the best service to the participant. If the package cannot be delivered, we can serve as return address. Depending on the reason, we can attempt to contact the participant, the postal company or the client. A new shipment can then be scheduled, as appropriate.


The process of packaging and sending

Many years of experience in a wide range of projects …

Return system

Our solutions are often used for self tests or home tests. Sending collected material must take place safely and correctly …