Return packaging for participants

Safe and correct

Our solutions are often used for self tests or home tests. Sending collected material must take place safely and correctly.

A return package is enclosed in the participant’s package. This is often a leakproof package which must be placed in a return envelope. The participant sends the return envelope to the laboratory, on the basis of clear instructions. Naturally, we can also collect the return shipments.

Various aspects in the chain play a role in sending diagnostic samples: ease-of-use for the participant and laboratory assistant, the quality of the material sampled, and the safety of postal employees, for example. Our postal solutions are suitable for sending biological material samples for analysis in a correct manner. We have these products tested by an independent party for leakproofing and airtightness, in accordance with the requirements of IATA and UN3373, for example.

Return system

If desired, we can use our Polymed return system. Return sending of samples by the participant then takes place in a sturdy envelope. This envelope is reusable, and can be sent by us again in a subsequent test package. Moreover, we can incorporate different designs of return packages and variable data, such as return addresses, in our assembly.


The process of packaging and sending

Apart from the production of various types of packaging …

Sending the kits

Depending on your requirement …