The process of packaging and sending

Many years of experience in a wide range of projects

Apart from the production of various types of packaging, we can also realise variable data printing, envelope stuffing, mailshots and other direct mail.

We have extensive knowledge in the medical packaging field and other packaging fields, and extensive experience in fulfilment. Our own programmers create software with a twin focus on ease-of-use and minimising the risk of error. We deploy our knowledge in various clinical trials.
Each project is unique. We deliver tailor-made work for each order. In consultation with the client, we collect data, including automatically. After a check and, if appropriate, enrichment, we start variable data printing. We can turn orders around quickly, thanks to our own software and printing capacity. Assembling the self-test kits takes place manually or by machine. After various checks, the kits are made ready for sending.

Quality assurance

We closely monitor the quality, which enables us to minimise the risk of error. At various points in the process, we monitor the production constantly. This can take place on a software basis, but also using other techniques. With our self-developed software we can direct the fulfilment and monitor the quality. We also develop and build machines, and make the necessary modifications to the process. Packaging lines, packing machines, seal stations and the like often take shape on our drawing board.


We have a continuity plan in place for each project. Attention is given to aspects such as possible outage, risks, backup, spare parts and trained staff.


Sending the kits

Each day, we work together with various postal companies to send the kits put together by us. This can take place directly to the participant on behalf of our clients, …

Return packaging for participants

Our solutions are often used for self-tests or home tests …