Advice about challenges by country

Ensuring that our services meet your needs

Thanks to our close cooperation with a wide range of countries in the area of various population studies and clinical trials, we have gained a wealth of experience. By helping address the various aspects and challenges in each country, we are  …

Project teams with an objective

Making conscious and informed choices

AMaking conscious choices, time and again, in order to achieve the set objectives within the available budget and time. In order to do this, we tackle all clinical trials assignments on a project basis.
Together with the customer, we form a project team within which we make clear agreements. Agreements and objectives are set down in a project document, which clearly shows the requirements and responsibilities. With the accompanying milestone timetable, of course. Progress meetings are held at agreed times, at which feasibility, planning and budget are constantly evaluated, and risks tackled. We discuss an account for any divergences with regard to the timetable and include necessary changes in a change process. In this way, and on the basis of the accompanying impact analyses, we create an environment in which conscious and informed choices are made…

Professional or self-test?

Tailor Made

HIt is often essential that patient material be available as quickly as possible. Patients can collect many samples themselves, using ‘self tests’. These can include various swabs, faeces and urine samples.
However, sometimes it is necessary to have this carried out by professionals. Together with you, we determine which solution is the best, on the basis of your requirements. We have a network of qualified, certified professionals who can collect samples from the target group at their home locations. If required, we can even arrange the analyses for you in cooperation with our partner laboratories. The solutions we offer are always tailor-made for you.

Reliable collection and sending

Developing packaging which meets its purpose

The reliability of the results of your medical study have a one-to-one relationship with the care with which the study material is collected …

Design is very important

Making the product as attractive as possible

Sample tests often have a medical look which scares off many participants. The trick is to …