DaklaPack Europe B.V. has been successfully active in medical packaging since 1975. And since 1999 we have also been supplying additional services in the area of clinical trials and population studies.
The reliability of the research material collected is extremely important in population studies and clinical trials. It is essential that the material is treated with the greatest possible care. In 2014, a new entity was established within the DaklaPack group, which focuses fully on support for these clinical trials and population studies: DaklaPack Clinical Trials.

Setting up clinical trials and population studies is no easy matter. For example, due to legislation and regulations on privacy, and on transporting biological materials. But putting together comprehensible sampling kits (including for self-sampling) and sending and/or personalising these kits is also a complicated job. After all, you want the right person to get the results.

With the right support, the quality of the samples is preserved to the best possible extent. Moreover, samples reach the laboratory in perfect condition. The crucial aspect in this chain is the correct and safe method of transport, and the delivery to the research laboratory. In the laboratory, the samples must be identified quickly and efficiently, and prepared for analysis. In the case of large numbers of analyses, in particular, a simple, error-free processing is necessary.

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